Sunday, December 25, 2016

Lane's First Walking Parade

Lane has been in an activity since she was three years old. She has chosen ballet, tap or gymnastics other years. She chose hip hop and competitive cheer this year. She is thrilled to attend with two of her close friends twice a week.
This year she participated in the St. Cloud parade. She had to walk the entire parade route and smiled the entire time. She told me that her feet hurt afterward but I was so proud of my shorty pie for keeping that smile on her face.
It will be fun to see her recital in June and her competitions as this come up soon. She has been working hard to learn new things this year and she's keeping her grades up. I'm a proud mom of my 7 year old!


When Andrew and I lived in Daytona Beach, FL, we went to the humane society to adopt our second dog. Brody was in need of a brother or sister while we were at work and we wanted to save a fur-baby. We walked around the sad, gray building looking at all of the dogs and puppies who needed a home and I could have taken them all home.
And there in a kennel looked the most pathetic one of all. We asked if we could take him out and meet him. He kissed our nose and had the most playful manner. He never lost his love of life. He was obnoxious and stubborn, like any Alaskan husky.
We had to bring Brody to meet him. We found out that Eddie was taken away by the county from a woman who beat him harshly. Eddie got away from us in the humane society yard and that should have been a sign to us that he was an obnoxious beast but he was meant to be our crazy boy.
Eddie passed away a couple months ago. He never stopped loving the kids, food, or toys. He always seemed to smile, even in his last days when he was in pain.
We miss him dearly and we are so glad we were able to give him 14 years of love and life on this earth. It never seems like enough time.

Extra Credit - Alex

Alex brought home an extra credit assignment for science class. He has been studying life science in fifth grade. He had the opportunity to make a shirt with different bones and organs on it.
I bought a long sleeve shirt, 3D paint, and fabric paint. We took two days to draw and paint the bones and many organs on the shirt. It only resulted in one meltdown due to miscommunication about the placement of blue bones but we managed to get through the entire project.
When the project was complete. he proudly wore the shirt to school on a Friday. His opinion on the entire thing - It's gross. I highly doubt he will enter the medical field at this rate.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Gabriel, why do you sit like that? 
I'm sleeping like a bat!  
Ohhhh. I've been wondering for the past ten years!! 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Picture Day!

Picture Day is fast approaching at school and Lane wanted a manicure.  It was very important for her to be completely prepared for her photo opportunity.  Andrew took her to the local salon and she came back with the cutest nails.  She loves them!   She is every bit a girl and ready for picture day. 

Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go came out it sounded ridiculous.  Who would walk around catching virtual characters with their phone?  Much less become obsessed with the game?!! 
I downloaded the game to show the kids since Alex has hundreds of Pokemon cards from the last couple years.  We figured out how to catch the characters with the help of a friend of mine.  We learned about the pokestops and pokeballs.  
And....  I really like the game.  I like turning the game on in new areas and the blue stops pop up in the horizon and it's exciting, along with new characters.  One of these days I'll take the kids on a walk and we will catch Pokemon together because I've heard of some good spots to go.  Oh the adventures never end at our house. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

But I'm Not 50!

I had an appointment with a colon rectal specialist and he decided I needed a colonoscopy.   I was surprised because I had the age 50 in my head, not 43!  
The location for the procedure called on Monday for my Wednesday time and instructions.  My appointment was at 3 pm.  I was given instructions to go on a liquid diet on Tuesday and start the prep at 2, and to stop consuming everything at midnight

The prep for a colonoscopy is truly awful. The drink is awful.  By the end of the first 16 ounces, I was gagging and thought I was going to vomit.   Then came the explosive diarrhea.  This was all while I had the kids under my care. 
Four hours later I had to drink another round of that stuff.   I had to psych myself up for every single time I had to swallow it down.   It wasn't pleasant at all. 

I was awake throughout the night, making friends with my bathroom like I hadn't in years.  I hoped my gurgling stomach would find peace and allow me to sleep.  Eventually, around four am, I found a slumber, though I was terrified that I would be woken up, needing to run to the bathroom yet again.  Who knew that clear liquid could come out of a person's rectum????!!
It was finally time to travel to the colonoscopy and like everyone told me, the procedure wasn't bad.  I was sound asleep for it.  However, the pain I had from the gasses and air of anesthesia and the procedure were awful.   It took at least 12 hours for the pain to subside.  
I hope the baby polyps that were removed show no evidence of cancer and I can be cleared of doing this procedure again for a long time.